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Things that can lower the google PageRank

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In this post I assume you already know about Google PageRank. If not, please read the article Google PageRank. One of the SEO techniques is to build strong backlinks to your blog to be the first in google pages. If the stronger backlinks (read: many), then the PageRank also rose.

Here will I have to say the things that can lower the PageRank of your blog. Before we discuss, I'll tell you a little event that will relate to the contents of this post. Yesterday, I received comments from the mas-ANDY MSE-more or less like this "your opinion about dofollow blogs weakness seems countered by my blog manteng in PR-4 ...", I immediately reviewed the last article contained this sentence "... . Lack blog / web DoFollow:
1. PR (Pagerank) your blog will come down because too many outbound links (links out) .... "Is countered by the blog Om Andy. Remarkably, blog-Om-Andy MSE is dofollow and each article is always flooded with comments. But his PR blog remains stable. Sometimes opinions do not comply with reality, ckckckck.
Let us begin.

Things that can lower the PageRank is as follows:
1. Comparison between inbound links and outbound links. If the outbound links and more from inbound links, the possibility of public relations will break your blog or egg will grow thinner. Since om google add to our blog of public relations if backlink we have increased a lot. If you want to turn your blog into dofollow, try backlinks you have strong. Why? because every comment on your blog valuable backlinks for commentators, and the value of your outbound links. But, back again "Sometimes opinions do not match reality"
2. Broken link or broken link (if clicked out the word "page not found" or "404 not found"). If you want your PR is stable, you earn every month to clean up broken links. Such as deleting links to blogs or websites that have dibanned / deleted Om google.
3. The link comes from porno sites or betting site. Om Google is not like if you get a backlink blog from Porn Site or betting sites and other sites that sin (ckckckck).
4. The link to the site or sites Porno bets. Just as the points to 3, that outbound links to pornographic sites and sites are also betting the same undesirable Om google. So, try also to check the links that you put on your blog. Is the link to pornographic sites or not. Because sometimes a site that was once a good (pious), turned into a porn site (demands of the times. Hahahaha).
5. Last is the descent of your visitor. Influential or not, I think visitors also affect your PR blog.

Well, that's all I can share this time. If the writing is still a mess please understandable, because it is still under newbie. hehehe. KEEP BLOGGING !!!!!

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